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Partner William Peterson recently presented IDA's 29th Vis Moot Programme and the International Litigation Option.

Partner William Peterson recently presented IDA's 29th Vis Moot Programme and the International Litigation Option.

Publié le : 23/09/2021 23 septembre sept. 09 2021

Together with Professors Denis Mouralis and Paul Desorgues, William presented the programme to motivated and enthusiastic International Business Law students in the Master II and DJCE. We look forward to working with them.

The Vis Moot is an annual international commercial arbitration moot (simulated arbitration) competition in Vienna and Hong Kong. It brings together students from the entire world, fostering study in international commercial and arbitration laws and encouraging the resolution of business disputes through arbitration.

More than 380 Universities participated in the 28th Moot. Students prepare memoranda as claimant and respondent and argue the case before a panel of 3 arbitrators. Our team participates in many practice moots (pre-moots) held worldwide and does well against teams from English-speaking countries like the United States. It also placed 3rd out of 30 teams in the Rio Pre-Moot!

Preparation at IDA for the Vis Moot takes place in a graded DJCE option entitled International Litigation. The selection process for this option consists of an interview, a one-page motivation letter (with CV/photo), and a short research memorandum for students in the Master 2/DJCE. 
Selected students become Moot Team members.

The Moot Problem is the case study for courses on International Arbitration and the CISG for all students in the International DJCE. 

Funding permitting, some students will attend pre-moots, possibly in Montpellier, Edinburgh, London, Madrid, Sofia, Belgrade, New York, Rio, and other locations, or virtually, in addition to participating in practice sessions with other university teams outside France by video conference and with coaches. 
Typically, up to 4 students present the team for the final, and all team members could argue in pre-moots, funding permitting.

The team is coached alternatingly by former mootees, professors, lawyers, and arbitrators in France, Bulgaria, England, Australia, and California.  

The Moot organizers publish the case study on 8 October 2021. The team will start preparing the first memorandum shortly after that.

Happy Mooting!


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